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Whole House Humidity Control


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  • Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air.
  • Through a never-ending natural cycle, moisture is evaporated from the earth, then returned as precipitation.

Relative Humidity 

  • Relative Humidity is the percentage of water vapor the air is “holding”, in relation to the amount it is capable of holding at a given temperature.
  • The relative humidity (RH) figure you hear on radio and TV is the outdoor RH.
  • During the heating season the indoor RH is very low in comparison to the outdoor percentage. 

Humidity, Temperature and Comfort 

  • Hot summer air usually has high humidity, and a person’s ability to throw off heat by evaporation decreases or stops altogether.
  • Cooling is needed then to provide comfort by extracting excessive moisture from the air. 
  • During the winter, the condition is reversed.
  • Cold outside air, heated to room temperature, has great ability to hold extra moisture.
  • For example, air at 70°F can hold about 20 times as much as air at 0°F. 
  • Heated wintertime air takes moisture from whatever sources are available, including the human body. 
  • If the air in your home does not contain enough moisture, you may feel cold and uncomfortable—even at 75°F. 

The Effects Of Too-Dry Air 

  • The evidence of air that is too dry is easy to identify. 
  • In addition to making one feel uncomfortable, the dry air “steals” moisture from plaster, wood, glue and fabrics.
  • Over a period of time this can result in cracks in ceilings and walls, loose furniture joints and flooring, shrinking moldings, and loosened wallpaper.
  • Leather dries out, oil paintings crack, house plants tend to wilt, and the piano goes out of tune. Excessive static electricity is still another problem. The type of heating in the home doesn’t make any difference
  • There’s a common belief that humidification isn’t needed in a home heated by hot water or steam.
  • Hot water or steam heat can’t add moisture to the air.
  • It may be somewhat true with steam boilers with pressure relief valves on the radiators but enough then, the RH in the home may be low.
  • The same types of damaging effects are present whenever outdoor air is brought inside and heated. The fact remains that air is heated; that is what is important, not how it’s heated.
  • If your home is heated, your home needs humidification to maintain proper humidity levels.   

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